Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sideways Psychic

My very limited psychic ability comes around in cycles. It has been "gone" for a long time, I mean the cycles seem to be months long, but it seems to be back on lately.

I won't go into all the little things that have been happening, I did know that a particular person was about to come over at an unusual time and they did. Most of the time my little psychic things aren't very useful.

Yesterday I got home, took Bob for a walk as usual, then I was trying to decide what I wanted to do next. I wouldn't say it was a voice, more like a strong thought, suggested I get out the metal detector. I kind of recognized that the thought seemed to come from an external source so I thought "Maybe I'm being psychic and I should use the metal detector, maybe I'll find something valuable." So I open up a cabinet to get it out and there is a key. A GM key with an electronic chip on the side.

1995-2000 Oldsmobile Aurora VATS Key Blank
My son and daughter-in-law lost one of these high dollar keys, maybe two, but luckily we sold or gave them the car, so we had a couple of extra keys. Those keys are now gone and it was beginning to look like my wife and I were going to have to bite the bullet and pay for a new one. (money is tight these days, as everyone knows)

Anyway, you guessed it, it was the right key. It was as if someone had guided me to the key.
I kind of questioned "So should I still use the metal detector?" It felt like I got an immediate response
"No, I just wanted you to find the key."

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