Monday, January 09, 2012

CBS Reporter Blatantly Excludes Ron Paul From Coverage

Despite the fact Paul is surging and Romney sliding, gap now only 15 points
Steve Watson
January 9, 2012
CBS Reporter Blatantly Excludes Ron Paul From Coverage 214003
Despite the fact that Ron Paul is polling in second place in New Hampshire, and rapidly closing the gap on Mitt Romney, according to the latest polls, one CBS reporter did her best to convince viewers that Paul does not even exist.
It’s a familiar picture for Paul supporters who have had to watch over and over as mainstream media talking heads and pundits have consistently either laughed off the Texas Congressman’s chances for GOP nominee or simply excluded Paul from their coverage altogether.
However, within the past few weeks, the networks were forced to begin taking Paul seriously as he began consistently polling in first and second ahead of the Iowa caucuses, eventually finishing third in what was essentially a three way tie.
Going into New Hampshire and ahead of two debates this weekend, Paul was polling in strong second, as he has been for some time. However, That did not stop CBS political correspondent Jan Crawford from showing graphics and talking about recent polling, without even mentioning Paul’s numbers or even that he was involved in the race at all.
Crawford even used a graphic referencing a Suffolk University Poll of New Hampshire voters, omitting Paul’s numbers, even though he came second, and was the only candidate other than Mitt Romney to poll in double figures.
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