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Thrive the Movie - Is NOT about Thriving at all!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrive the Movie - Is NOT about Thriving at all! In my opinion, It sucks energy out of you and does not give any real solutions! It is an Elite controlled and made Movie - This is contrary to "popular" belief!

I watched the much hyped  Thrive movie on 11/16/11.  I had  put a trailer on this blog about it coming out on 11/11/11, which I now have taken down after seeing the movie.

I know what I am posting about it, is totally contrary to "popular" belief and the hype about it.

In my opinion the movie was made to suck people's energy out of them and make them feel hopeless!  It is so overwhelming in what they say.   For one hour and 37 minutes it is nothing but "You have no Hope and you are a slave!"

As I watched the movie I wrote down notes on what they were talking about, which I have the notes below.

I personally believe this film was made by the same elite that he (Gamble) talks about in the movie and how they control every aspect of the world.

The guy that made the movie is a Proctor and Gamble heir.

He does not give any real solutions at all!  He promotes his website and says solutions are there.  He says there are foundations around the world people should join to help.  Yet, we know most foundations are created by those who try and control,  he is telling us to join them?

He gives the solutions after 1 hour and 37 minutes of nothing but "We are totally controlled" information, of what we already know has to happen to be free.  But the truth is... we know that the solutions are something that are impossible with the structure of government we have.   The elected officials would have to "End the Fed - they would have to stop their own corporation campaign monies."  It is not going to happen, they are not going to do that.  The movie even says our elected officials are completely controlled by a handful of people.

What the movie does is simply put out there, all the things most of us know who have been awake and aware.  Remember the elite tell you exactly what is going on, they have to.. part of their karma.  They know people know all the information, so they went ahead and put it in a super very expensive production movie.

It came out on 11/11/11 and they wanted people to watch it that day.  A day of master numbers where people should be connecting to the higher energies, but if they had watched that movie that day their energies were lowered and sucked out, in my opinion.  There was nothing about Thriving in the movie in my opinion, it was about every conspiracy theory there is to make you feel depressed and caged in as a slave!

The title is completely misleading - it should be "We have made a movie to show you how we control everything in the world and there is nothing you can really do about it."

I am not saying there is nothing we can do about it, personally.  I believe where we put our energies is what we get.  People have to understand, the top "elite" of the world understand how the universe works.  That information is kept from us "normal" folks.  They know how to use tools to keep our energy where they want it.  They know through our energies we could over power them.  But NOT by joining foundations and organizations they themselves have formed for controlled dissent.   The movie even says "The elite control the dissent."  They tell you this.... did you listen if you saw the movie?

I believe we can all thrive when we intently and purposely put our energies and thoughts in creating the best for ourselves and the world.  We start on the inside with our own energies and changing the energies from worry and fear to expectation of the best coming to us.

  I wrote this post the other day about our energies and thoughts creating our future.

By the time of 1 hour and 37 minutes, I was so over the movie and tense from all it was saying, I had been waiting and waiting for that "Thrive" moment.

Here is the "Image for the Thrive Movie":  - what is that image telling you?  I know what it is telling me... they recognize the world is waking up and now they have come right out in front of it... to keep the control of the waking up and keeping the energy where they want.  The movie uses the "All seeing eye" -

If you watch the movie..... watch it with a discerning mind...... think about what he is telling you how he is directing your energy and thoughts!

I personally believe it was Created by those who he talks about that "run the world" after seeing it!
I will never recommend this movie to anyone, no matter how hyped up it is as being "The awakening movie!"

 Here are the things talked about in the movie in the form of short bullets and areas talked about. I wrote these as he talked about them - so they are exactly what I wrote as I watched.  Just words to say this is what was discussed.: 

Story Continues at: sherriequestioningall

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