Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jews (played by the American people) Nazis (played by the U.S. government)

Seems like this time around the American people are playing the part of the Jews and the U.S. government is playing the part of the Nazis

The SS the SA the DHS the TSA a different place a different day but the same in every way.
They'll take your guns they'll take your food but don't resist, it's the law.

They'll take your home but don't resist, it's the law.

They'll load you up on a train but don't resist, it's the law.

Where is this train taking us mommy?


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Socialism - even National Socialism - isn't free...Somebody ends up "paying the bill". There is no way around that.
Nazi Germany is a perfect example of what happens when idiots buy the lie they are "entitled" to everything. Hitler sold Germany on this lie, disguised as "master race". Prior to his rise, old money, filthy rich BanKhazars plundered the country and got richer by turning the Weimar Republic socialist and financing the government bribe machine with inflated money. Hitler was the inevitable, hyperconservative backlash.
History doesn't just repeat itself, it does it in high- definition 7.1 surround-sound!

texlahoma said...

Galt - It seems like the powers that be studied the Nazis and thought
"Hey, these guys were alright!"

I think people need to keep the Nazis in mind every time they see protesters being brutalized or every time they see a bad cop. People that aren't for gun ownership rights should look at the Jews being hauled off to death (FEMA) camps or watch videos of them being shot in the head by (government authorities) Nazis.

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