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Blue Beer: You Aren’t Seeing Things

We all know the color of beer, or do we? That deep amber hue is as ubiquitous as the blue of the sky. But in Japan it would appear that things are not what they seem, and that creativity has seeped its way into beer-making in a country where artful innovation is king.

abashiri beer 01 Blue Beer: You Aren’t Seeing Things picture

Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido is the home of the Abashiri brewery. Known for its most unusual beers, the Takahshi Company owns and operates the brewery. One of its… er, specialties is a concoction with an allegedly fruity flavor that was invented back in 2007 and is known as Bilk or Beer Milk.

Bilk represents a combination of two easily regurgible components; namely, beer and milk. It bears no semblance to the original meaning of the word meaning to dupe or fool, and was a sincere attempt to attract more females to beer drinking.

Beer yeast and hops are put into milk and the mixture is maintained in a temperature lower than the milk’s boiling point. Alas, it was hardly worth the trouble for it did not fare too well. Those who have dared to try it claim its odd taste is light and somewhat refreshing, but does not even closely resemble beer.

drift ice Blue Beer: You Aren’t Seeing Things picture

Another specialty is something known as Drift ICE (Ryuho Draft) which is also called Okhotsk Blue Draft. This beer is brewed using water that has melted from icebergs in the sea of Okhotsk, an arm of the North Pacific Ocean bordered by Japan and Russia.

The blue color is like no other anywhere in the world. The brewery did not stop there and began to utilize seaweed, which rendered the blue icy in tint.

It is said that the taste isn’t at all bad and that if the drinker did not know their beverage contained seaweed, there is no way he or she would ever guess that it did.

What color is YOUR beer and are you ready for a change?


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