Friday, November 04, 2011

Phoenix False Flag Nuke Back On The Table?
Friday, November 04, 2011 8:24
by Zen Gardner
Interesting they would choose Phoenix for this nuclear exercise tomorrow, 11/5.

2011 Arizona Vigilant Guardian Set To Simulate Massive Flooding And Nuclear Bomb In Phoenix

The nuclear portion of the 2011 Arizona Vigilant Guardian drill is set to start tomorrow and will simulate a detonation of an improvised nuclear device(IND) in Phoenix, Arizona.
The drill will be the largest ever to take place in Arizona history and comes just days before the passing of the asteroid known as YU55, the FEMA/FCC takeover drill, and the massive tsunami drill.
Over 200 agencies are set to be involved including the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, TSA, National Guard, members of the health care community, and local police and first responders for a total of 8,000 people. Source

Why Phoenix?

I first wrote about this esoteric Phoenix possibility on April 1st of this year. I later updated it in September when a bomb drill was staged at the Phoenix airport during which they LOST THE BOMBS!
This is conditioning, and now this newest drill is again making an imprint on the collective consciousness to accept such an event should it happen, here or somewhere.
And It fits today just as well as it did then. Here's the post...some things to truly wonder about. - Z

Phoenix: The False Flag Nuke Target?

Mon Sep 12, 2010
Would They Do Such A Thing?
If a false flag nuke is deployed, it will be engineered by a secret cabal of psychopathic power-mongers in cahoots with elements of America's government and many shadowy agencies. If you haven't figured that out yet and this is news to you, please keep reading and researching and it will all become clear...I promise.

But would they nuke an innocent city of civilians to accomplish their plan?

Look at history. Dresden. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The pogroms of past despots where multi-millions were slaughtered.

If the PTBs off-handedly can wipe out 4000+ on 9/11 as well as in other preplanned events like the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, the London, Bali, Spain and Mumbai bombings etc., never mind many, many millions more in wars that preceded and followed, you think they would have any qualms about taking out part of a city to get public sentiment "on page" to more easily accomplish their plan?
All that is necessary for success of “false flag” or “black ops” events is for the government to have its story ready and to have a reliable and compliant media. Once an official story is in place, thought and investigation are precluded. Any formal inquiry that is convened serves to buttress the already provided explanation.
An explanation ready-at-hand is almost a give-away that an incident is a “black ops” event. Notice how quickly the U.S. government, allegedly so totally deceived by al Qaida, provided the explanation for 9/11. When President Kennedy was assassinated, the government produced the culprit immediately. The alleged culprit was conveniently shot inside a jail by a civilian before he could be questioned. But the official story was ready, and it held. Source

Again, to entrain the public's mind of the possibility and make it clear who did it when it happens.
Same M.O. during WW2. Fight there to protect here. Orwellian hogwash.

Again, the media busy imprinting the possibility and sanitizing the horror by directing your fear and anger at a pre-determined, demonized distant enemy for the sake of "homeland security".

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