Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ron Paul Second Only To Romney In Obama Match Up

Congressman wins O’Reilly straw poll, so O’Reilly disqualifies him
Steve Watson
November 9, 2011
Ron Paul
Congressman Ron Paul has once again been proven a top tier presidential candidate in a new aggregate survey combining poll results from over twelve different mainstream sources.
The comprehensive survey, compiled by Real Clear Politics, reveals that Paul is second only to Mitt Romney when directly pitted against Obama.
The RCP survey draws results from polls carried out by Quinnipiac, Rasmussen Reports, Democracy Corps (D), Associated Press, Time, PPP, NBC News, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Washington Post, Reuters and Gallup.
Paul scores an average of 41.6% to Obama’s 47.6%, with only Romney bettering that 6% difference.
The results of the survey were as follows:
1. Obama vs. Romney: 46.0 (D) 44.3 (R) – Obama +1.7
2. Obama vs. Paul: 47.6 (D) 41.6 (R) – Obama +6
3. Obama vs. Cain: 48.6 (D) 41.2 (R) – Obama +7.4
4. Obama vs. Huntsman: 45.7 (D) 37.0 (R) – Obama +8.7
5. Obama vs. Perry: 49.6 (D) 40.4 (R) – Obama +9.3
6. Obama vs. Gingrich: 48.7 (D) 38.0 (R) – Obama +10.7
7. Obama vs. Bachmann: 51.8 (D) 37.6 (R) – Obama +14.2
Paul vs Obama would represent the establishment’s worst nightmare on every front.
These surveys yet again demonstrate that Ron Paul is a competitive candidate, despite what the mainstream media would have us believe. Even without the corporate media-promotion and general name recognition, Ron Paul is competitively matched against the President. The ‘Ron Paul can’t win hoax’ is yet again dispelled by statistical numbers.
    As we have previously noted, Ron Paul has to look to attracting supporters away from Romney, who is fairing well among moderate/liberal Republicans.
    It is for this reason that Obama aides have openly admitted they would prefer not to run against Romney. Of course, in line with their corporate media mouthpieces, the White House is still pretending Ron Paul doesn’t exist.
    Speaking of corporate mouthpieces, a hilarious situation ensued earlier this week when Bill O’Reilly decided to throw a GOP straw poll on his National Town Hall Radio show.
    When Ron Paul finished up the winner, O’Reilly read out the results, omitting the Congressman’s name and declaring that he had disqualified Paul from the poll for being too popular.
    O’Reilly claimed that Paul supporters had “slammed” the poll, giving a bumbling technical description comprised of “we have technology guys, we know what you are doing.”
    O’Reilly went on to declare that Ron Paul “…is not going to be the nominee, there’s no chance in the world that he will be nominated for the Republican run at President Obama.”
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