Tuesday, July 03, 2012



Bob said...

In one video, it was the right wing that vanished, in the other, it was the left wing.

Both videos and the vanishing wings could have been photoshopped in the last four or five frames before impact. Even I could do that.

I can't imagine how difficult the timing would have been to get the explosions front and rear of the building exactly right, and how did they manage those straight line explosions angled across four or five floors? Exactly matching the "holographic" aircraft's angle of attack?

And if the aircraft that hit the tower was a hologram, what happened to the real plane and all its passengers? There were indeed four real aircraft - and all their passengers - that vanished forever somewhere during this event.

As I recall, in the video of the first aircraft to hit the towers, you could see the aircraft's shadow for an instant before impact on the side of the building.

How can a hologram create a shadow?

texlahoma said...

Bob - In the first video the plane looks like it disappears or is going into water, not a building.

It also looks to me as if the timing was a little off, they blew it a little late.

I don't know what really happened, but I know it didn't happen like the gov said.

And once again there is that pesky bld 7, didn't get hit by a plane but fell into it's own footprint around 5:30 pm. Larry Silverstein
said "We decided to pull it."
It had to be pre-wired with explosives.

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