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Colorado Batman Shooting: Second Gas Mask Found on the Scene, Neck Wound Blood Trail Cover Up, Questions, and More

By Alex Thomas
July 27, 2012

In the last week the alternative media has fully exposed the horrific Colorado movie theater as an outright mind control psyop used to terrify the public and push for further gun control.

Independent journalists and citizen YouTube reporters have documented a large scale cover up with many of the facts being exposed through the use of actual crime scene photos, both edited and unedited versions.

Full article at

The links provided in the description of the above video provide key information and insight that the corporate media refuses to cover:
Notice the pool of blood in the background, and the trash bag in the background. Looks to me like they doctored the scene as quickly as they could because people are confirmed to have come out of the back entrance of that corner theater.
The Sheila interview attests to that. They would have seen a gas mask and a bloody knife on the concrete, and it would have struck them immediately, such that they would testify about them.
So a crooked cop/emt probably hid a blood-pack in a trash bag taken from an ambulance and poured some blood on the ground so they could claim Holmes stabbed somebody in the corner.)
UPDATE: It appears a motorcycle cop in that department died (supposedly) 4 days after the event in a “traffic accident”.…
Could this be the knife next to the gas mask? and this image:
Could this have been reported as “other weapon”?
Mainstream media is editing it out!:
Why is the corporate controlled media and all law enforcement and federal agencies covering this information up?
Why does this shooting have all the hallmarks of a false flag if it was simply a crazed gunman acting alone?

Unanswered Questions: (submitted by an Intel Hub contributor)

1.)     Who placed the booby trap bombs inside the apartment of shooter Holmes ?
2.)     Who trained shooter Holmes to assemble and install these high tech booby trap bombs ? These were very complex booby trap bombs that took 2 days to dismantle.
3.)     Why did shooter Holmes reveal to police that his apartment was booby trapped with bombs ?
4.)     When he was well armed and wore bullet proof protection, why did shooter Holmes surrender so easily instead of having a shoot out with the police?
5.)      Who helped shooter Holmes coordinate his attack with a cell phone call and then opened up the emergency door for him to enter? This question is based on eye witness account of a survivor.

Known Facts that Indicate a Possible False Flag:

  • Government and new world order talking heads such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for further limiting the second amendment just hours after the shooting.
  • Colorado Shooter Was One of Six Students With Grant for ‘Elite’ Neuroscience Program.
  • Second gas mask found, blood trail, and neck wound cover up.
  • The U.N. Small Arms Treaty is set to be debated this week with a huge majority of Americans opposing ANY restrictions on guns.
  • On the same day as the Aurora massacre, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine held an identical drill that simulated a shooter in a movie theater.
  • ABC News as well as other corporate media outlets initially reported multiple suspects before the official “story” was fed into the newsrooms by government and law enforcement officials.
  • Witnesses inside the theater have stated that someone actually stood up in the theater after receiving a phone call and proceeded to walk towards the emergency exit that was later used by the shooter. He then proceeded to prop open the door in some way.
  • A 1986 Dark Knight comic actually foretold the theater shooting, a fact that lines up directly with the numerous other predictive programming techniques used in many forms of media in many different ways.
  • A trailer that played before the movie depicted gangsters shooting up a movie theater. The trailer was promptly removed by Warner Brothers just hours after the massacre.

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Howdy Texlahoma. I just read your recent comment on my blog and I appreciate it. I always like to hear an opposing view because without I can't learn and evolve. Definitely no hard feelings and agree that Americans should have gun rights. I always thought if we banned guns then the only people that would have them would be the criminals. I truly enjoy your posts and information because it makes me think and see things that are not in plain sight. Take care buddy, and thanks again for fighting the good fight.

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