Saturday, July 07, 2012

Global report: Decriminalization does not increase rates of drug use

By David Ferguson
Saturday, July 7, 2012 13:26 EDT

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A new report by the U.K.’s “national centre of expertise on drugs and drug laws” says that drug decriminalization does not lead to an increase of drug use. In an article at Huffington Post, Columbia University epidemiologist Ernest Drucker argues that like alcohol prohibition, the “war on drugs” is doomed to fail and that prohibition measures like arrest and incarceration are forms of societal violence themselves.
The report, A Quiet Revolution: Drug Decriminalisation Policies in Practice Across the Globe, “looks at over 20 countries that have adopted some form of decriminalisation of drug possession, including some States that have only decriminalised cannabis possession.” The studies’ objective was to examine all existing research and attempt to establish whether communities that adopted decriminalization policies saw that the decision resulted in an uptick in drug use.
“The simple answer,” said the report, “is that it did not.”
After examining the 21 countries and their “decriminalization profiles,” including the U.S., Mexico, Australia, the Netherlands, Estonia and more, the global study concluded that “many countries adopt models that are ineffective, unworkable, or in some cases which result in greater harms for those who use drugs and for society more broadly,” but that ultimately a country’s policies concerning drug legalization and enforcement have “little correlation with levels of drug use and misuse in that country.”

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

It's barely above a straw dog, realistically:
Like Gay Marriage, once it passed in Canada, there was a spike, then it tailed off radically...
Canadian GLBT might be a bit smarter than those here in the US, but I suspect the American push has more to do with Hollywood weirdos than the general population!

texlahoma said...

Galt - I don't think people should be screwed with by the government for victimless crimes.
Even if use went up with decriminalization, it should still be decriminalized.
I guess this just takes away one false argument from people that like to spend tax money locking people up for no good reason.

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