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A New Scenario on The Alien Disclosure Announcement in 2012?

by mitchey179 in Paranormal, December 18, 2010

Alien Disclosure in 2012? In the past few weeks, several key researchers have said they have received first hand information that an alien disclosure announcement will happen in the coming year of 2012. What makes this announcement different from the alien disclosure that was supposed to have happened in 2011 is that the scenario is completely changed and reasons why it was postponed are also explained.

Will the year 2012 finally give us the truth with an official alien disclosure announcement actually happening?  If 2011 was any indication, then I wouldn’t hold your breath.  Throughout the past year there were numerous dates put forth for disclosure to happen and obviously every one of these turned up no announcement. So, what can we expect for 2012?  I guess we can only wait and see but there has been some new talk of disclosure coming this year.  What makes me somewhat upbeat on this topic is a new scenario of what will be disclosed and it is different than other scenarios I have heard during the past year. 
For anyone familiar with this topic, there were two different scenarios that most people were aware of in 2011 for alien disclosure.  Both involved Obama being the one to officially start disclosing alien life.  The disclosure would either detail numerous alien races being in contact with Earth or that an alien base was found on the moon.  (both of these scenarios are explained more here ).  The new scenario is explained below:
1.  SETI will announce that they have finally received a signal from an alien race somewhere in the near vicinity in the galaxy.  They will not be able to decipher the message but it will be generally assumed to be a friendly message. 
2.  Obama will then officially disclose what the government knows about alien life including UFO’S and other unexplained phenomenon during the past 50+ years. 
3.  It will be suggested that most of the UFO reports are from the aliens transmitting this signal.  It will be announced that the aliens are thousands of years ahead of us in technology and generally have been observing us and not wanting to interfere in our development. 
4.  Obama will imply that the aliens are convinced we have developed enough and are now ready for contact and that is why the signal was sent. 
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Bob said...


When the aliens do show up publicly, it will be to bring more prisoners to their multi-race open-space prison, more commonly referred to as Earth.

My theory of the day:

Since the alien races are far more advanced than us, they refuse to execute or lock up their
serious law-breakers. They just drop them off on a planet somewhere capable of supporting life, and let them go their own way.

It's a true life sentence, since there's no going back.

The reason they haven't been doing that lately on earth is because some idiot bureaucrat(they have them also) at the galatic government center misplaced the file card for earth and we were forgotten about for a few millenia.

Now, some eager beaver alien law student redently re-discovered earths files in the dusty file cabinets of the galaxy, and the aliens have returned, being all interested in how their malcontents have fared over the last few thousand undisturbed years.

So, which race represents the number one race in the galaxy? Which race has the most criminals? Which race is the dumbest?

Maybe we'll finally find out.

I have other theories, this is one of the lesser "crackpot" ones :)

diane said...

Theory number 5:
Nothing will be disclosed. Why spoil a good thing? Mankind has been mining the Earth's gold for a long time. We are the only animal on this planet that cannot adapt naturally, we don't belong here. We are the aliens.

Bob said...

Right on, diane...

Somebody brought us here or put us here.

And perhaps each of the distinct races seen on Earth are representative of different galactic civilizations.

I sometimes wonder what my real home planet is like.

texlahoma said...

Bob - Nice theory, so Earth is kind of like Australia was.

Diane - Yours is good too.

I've often thought some of the things in the bible were written by technologically advanced people who had to kind of dumb down their explanation of things so that humans of the day could understand.

I've often thought of Noah's ark and how maybe the DNA of some of the animals was stored, instead of the actual animals. Makes for a lot more room, but would be almost impossible to explain to the people back then.

Anonymous said... just us huh? So much space sooo many different ways life can form and all the universe can come up with is us? That in itself is actually one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard, ever. I believe in alien life and that they did have either a great amount of involvement in "parenting" our civilization or creating it, but that prison theory is just....ridiculous. We are one species with racial differences, but not from different parts of space put on earth as a prison sentence. This is why I'm worried we will never officially contact aliens in my lifetime. The majority of people are just too unintelligent.

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