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Drug-dealing cops using Occupy protesters as test subjects - snitches?

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In this screengrab, cops escort a drug user into a patrol car to be taken to a secret warehouse where the "test subject" consumes the drug of their choice. It is part of the highly unethical "DRE" program.
By Andrew W. Griffin
Red Dirt Report, editor
Posted: May 2, 2012
OKLAHOMA CITY – In what strikes this reporter as highly unethical and likely illegal, police officers, highway patrol troopers and sheriff's deputies from across Minnesota have been allegedly preying on drug-impaired youths, getting them high and observing their reactions, not unlike laboratory rats.
Norman-based blogger Kaye Beach, with Axxiom for Liberty, informed Red Dirt Report about this disturbing program and that similar activities may be taking place here in Oklahoma., with help from Twin Cities Indymedia, Communities United Against Police Brutality and Occupy Minneapolis, reported that their undercover investigation, revealed shocking stories of cops offering young people drugs and taken to a secret state-owned warehouse where vast amounts of drugs were consumed by the young test subjects under the watchful eyes of interested police. The activists also witnessed, in Minneapolis' Peavey Plaza, "police dropping off impaired people" where Occupy Minneapolis congregates.
The video can be viewed here.
This appears to be part of a new "innovative training program" for police which allows them to become Drug Recognition Experts (DRE's) and that those recruited for the tests would be already "drug-impaired." As this activist video shows, several were not impaired and simply jumped at the chance of free drugs and a free meal, only to be dropped off back at the plaza in a drug-impaired state.
It would appear that this program only proves what a joke the "drug war" really is, when the cops are encouraging young people to take drugs so they can become drug-recognition experts.
Continuing, in the video it notes that the young people are offered free drugs, taken to a Minnesota Department of Transportation warehouse near the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and observed as they ingest copious amounts of illegal drugs, primarily marijuana.
Interviewing different young people who took part in the "drug tests," they discovered that no EMT's or ambulances were on site.
“I got stoned with a couple of cops,” says one young man identified as 'Panda.' “I’m high as f***.
Panda explained he was at the local Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis when he was told the police were "doing research" to find out "how people react" under the influence of narcotics. And when the cops offered Panda to take part in the human experiment, he agreed.
Asked by the activist if it was “high-grade weed,” Panda replies: “Dude, this is some of the best s*** I’ve had in a while. Now I know what happens to the stuff they confiscate.”

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