Thursday, May 10, 2012

Was Zimmerman Purposely Overcharged?

Word is that Angela Corey, prosecutor in the Zimmerman case, is taking orders from a higher power, Eric Holder.

I believe that Obama would love it if there were a race war or civil war in this country.

(I realize that sets me apart from what most people think and that's the only way I would have it.)

I don't think the Obama administration is through with this case.

Going for second degree murder in this case almost assures a not guilty verdict, exactly what Barack(looks like my son would look)(fan the flames)Obama wants.

I mean Zimmerman being found guilty of manslaughter?

That would just let the story fade away, no outrage.

Zimmerman being found not guilty?

Obama and Holder high five.

"Now we can get this race war started!"

Holder - "This makes me feel like watching a movie, you know which one?"

Obama - "Fast and Furious?"

Holder - "You know me so well!"

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