Sunday, May 20, 2012

Officer Andrew Blomberg cries in Court apparently he was 'afraid' of a 15-year-old kid who was lying on the ground with his hands behind his head.

H/T newzworldorder

If this weren't so disgusting and real one would think it was a Benny Hill skit.

(Try clicking the little video and then the big one immediately after.)


Bob said...

Not only on the ground with his hands behind his head, but face down in the dirt and surrounded by a half dozen other total assholes.

Those dumbass felons with badges will be some of the first to go when the shooting starts.

Because ther's a LOT of people out there just waiting for payback, that's why.

And payback can be a real bitch.

Bob said...

Another thing...

When the dam breaks - with the assistance from dickheads like these cops - I advice everybody to be somewhere else.

It ain't gonna be nice.

Bob said...

advice = advise

Sorry, but videos like that make by blood boil.

texlahoma said...

Bob - Videos like that should make your blood boil. Those fools, besides what they do to the citizens, it makes it that much worse for the few remaining good cops.

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