Monday, May 28, 2012

Flesh-Eating Bacteria - IllumiatiI Card Game Shows Latest Disaster Is Preplanned

May 28, 2012

Flesh-Eating Bacteria - ILLUMINATI Card Game Shows Latest Disaster Is Preplanned

In past we had documented, Illuminati Card game shows Japan Earthquake was preplanned READ MORE as was the gulf oil spill.
According to another Illuminati card "Flesh-Eating Bacteria disaster":

"This is not an instant attack. Any science group can aid the target place. The Center for Disease Control has triple power to aid the target place. If the attack succeeds, the target is devastated."

The latest Flesh-eating disease outbreak all over the South-East U.S.suggest that the whole disaster is preplanned too.

LOCATION: (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1600 Clifton Rd. Atlanta, Georgia 30333, USA

LOCATION Case #1 May 1, 2012: 51 miles West of the CDC
LOCATION Case #2 May 7, 2012: 1.1 mile South of the CDC
LOCATION Case #3 May 4, 2012: 44.7 miles Northwest of the CDC


Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim's Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police - May 26, 2012

One man is dead and another hospitalized after a bizarre assault off Miami's MacArthur Causeway reportedly forced a police officer to open fire.

The officer...approached and saw that the naked man was actually chewing the other man's head, according to witnesses. The officer ordered the naked man to back away, and when he continued the assault, the officer shot him.
The attacker continued to eat the man, despite being shot, forcing the officer to continue firing. Witnesses said they heard at least a half dozen shots.

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