Sunday, May 13, 2012

Obama to Start a Race War?

Samuel L. Jackson: I Voted For Obama 'Because He Was Black'

Samuel L Jackson

Assume for a moment that Obama is really going to try to start a race war before the 2012 presidential election.

A black president that starts a race war between whites and blacks, can't care to much about the blacks, can he?

I mean, whites are about 72% of the population, blacks are about 13%.

Just going by the numbers, he will lead the black population to their slaughter.

Think about it, don't be manipulated into a race war.

If you see things start heading that way, just keep in mind that you are being used in the worst way.

Hopefully, Obama won't start a race war.

Hopefully, even if he tries, neither blacks nor whites will fall for it.


Bob said...


Get serious...

Obama's race war started even before he decided to run for his first public office.

Everything he and his supporters do is intended to further debase and denigrate the stature and influence of the white male, along with the country and society they have built.

The white race - representing only six and one-half percent of earth's population, (a true minority) - will vanish forever if people like Obama and his supporters win the day.

Everytime I see an ignorant white face (mostly women and gays) in an Obama-cheering crowd, I wonder if they are even worth saving.

But what the hell... maybe living in a grass hut with a dirt floor crawling with insects in a tse-tse fly infested village is what they all deserve.

Semites, Muslims, Mexicans, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, the list is long, are all anti-white under the surface. They will be friendly only until the day we can no longer defend ourselves and our country.

Anyone who believes otherwise is a brainwashed tool.

You worry that Obama may start a race war? Hah... He's just another soldier in the ongoing war to destroy western civilization.

billy pilgrim said...

soon vancouver will be 75% chinese. when i drive by most schools in vancouver almost all the students are chinese.

it's over for white people in canada. the only question is if the chinese or east indians take control.

texlahoma said...

Bob - I think they are going to fake an assassination attempt, done by a white guy of course.
I also think they had Zimmerman over charged so that people could be "outraged" when he is found not guilty. They can time this stuff any way they want to, for the most affect.

Billy - Interesting, the U.S. has wide open borders with Mexico in certain places. I wonder if Mexicans and Chinese people get along.

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