Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hoover Dam expected to be the next 9/11

Hitler was born on April 20 and the British Petroleum Oil Spill’s elite sponsored sabotage blew their wad on the same day exactly two calendar years ago. But, the Hoover Dam isn’t going anywhere this month. It’s speculated that other events of a variety of sorts that are being mulled around the curious minds of the alternative news research groups as well as the ‘what if this then that’ crowd. Hoover Dam exhibits a multitude of symbolic references offering clues as to an impending action that could be taken by the powers that be. The overall construction of the dam, the sculptures, and placement of the art is significant.
If total chaos is indeed their aim, then obliterating the water supply as noted by the recent disappearance of all the water from a huge natural water aquifer in the Shasta Mountain region is eminent. But, it’s not stealing the water from Lake Mead they want.. the water would be used to lubricate a fault line area east of the San Andreas. This could be accomplished similarly as seen executed during the rainy season within the Mississippi River basin.
Pictured is Hoover Dam prior to shutting the river bypass system. The completed structure clearly exhibits the symbolic 11 11 towers flanking the north sides of the dam.
An older vs a new $50.00 bill represents Hoover Dam before and after a breach with a spilling over of its water “Birth of a new race”.The nuclear power plant in San Diego has been shut down since October of last year and in lieu of the Fukushima Diaitsu catastrophe, apparently inflicted by Israel as a false flag operation, it is quite possible that an excuse for breaching Arizona’s constructional wonder is possible. As we have seen with the controlled demolition by extra ordinary energy weapons upon New York’s trade center buildings over ten years ago, the Hoover Dam is nothing more than an easy target.
Why would this happen? The recent exodus by world scientists from Encenada last July is one clue. They secretly debated about plans that had been made to initiate earthquakes in Baja that would severely cripple and kill residents of Encenada Mexico on the Baja Peninsula. They were aware two years previously that technicians warned of plans that HAARP would be implemented as the catalyst that triggers earth changing events there.
Often we experience the invitation prior to the event that occurs by watching Hollywood films. The film Dam 999 has its story to tell and it may be a preview to the real destruction of Hoover Dam. The fifty dollar bill may be the mimicked Trade Center Towers featured on the twenty dollar bills folded the same way.

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