Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Dreams

I've had a lot of dreams in my lifetime, I'm talking about dreams that you have when you're sleeping, not life goal dreams. There are two that really stand out.

When I was a kid, living in New Mexico, my family and I would always go to Oklahoma for Christmas (both of my parents grew up there).
I was about seven and must have been anticipating Christmas vacation. In the dream I was looking around in my grandpa's garage/shed when I found a door in the ground.

I opened it and went down the steps to a hallway. The hallway went West (I have a strange thing in dreams - I am aware of directions) I started down down the passage and soon came to a closed door to the left, I slowly opened it and much to my delight, there were kids playing with new toys inside.

All the kids were very happy and I was too. I decided to continue on down the hall and soon came to another door, this time on the right side.

I opened it and there were slightly older kids playing with even better toys, they hardly noticed me but I felt welcome and shared in their enthusiasm over the toys.

I decided to press on down the hall and soon came out in a restaurant, somehow I knew I was in Amarillo Texas. At the front of the restaurant was a large plate glass window and it was snowing, it was beautiful.
My parents were sitting in a both at the front with some friends or relatives. They weren't surprised to see me, to them I had just gotten up to use the restroom.
I didn't even try to explain to them what had happened I just enjoyed the good feeling that I had.

My other standout dream must have been when I was in my mid twenties. In the dream was at work, I worked in a hospital then. My closest friend was there and I'm not sure what tipped me off, but I figured out I was dreaming. I started trying to convince my skeptical friend that this was just a dream. I said
"You like peaches don't you?"

"This is the wrong time of year for peaches and there are no peach trees on the hospital grounds, but do you want one?"

I went just outside the door and picked two fresh juicy peaches for us.

Even though this should have been considered a miracle, my friend remained skeptical.
I said
"What if I make it rain, will that convince you?"

"It's a sunny day, no clouds in the sky."

"Here goes!"

It started raining real hard. I said

"Right now I'm home in bed, dreaming!"

That was basically the end of the dream.

I remember how excited and empowered I felt.
Have you ever had a lucid dream?

Or just one that really stands out in your memory?

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