Friday, October 07, 2011

Bank of America Mural

This mural is from the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I have heard several different interpretations. The next total eclipse of the sun visible in the USA isn't until 2017 but there is always the possibility that it depicts a comet or another heavenly body coming between the Earth and Sun.

I think the woman in the cube might be Hilary Clinton as president, a puppet controlled by unseen forces.

What's this one? A FEMA camp?


Ted Amadeus said...

Given the bank's corrupt associations & dealings, I figured the first picture was a stone being dropped on the woman's head, representing the destruction of America and the boy -Her son, the future -was being auctioned off as a slave by the traders (or is that TRAITORS) at the bottom. The last picture? Call it The Satanic Tragdy! That eye-shaped circle of fornicators at the top are Rockefeller, Soros & the rest of the goddamned BanKhazar bastards that are continuing to LOOT through FedRes & the WB/IMF.

If you have email, drop me a line at

texlahoma said...

Ted - Sounds as good as any interpretation I've heard from "experts", maybe better.

Anonymous said...

The eclipsed sun, the Black sun. Ordo saturni, the cult of the black sun... Controlling the actions of the woman.. whomever it is.. maybe the first female pres. the pyramid..

Anonymous said...

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