Friday, October 14, 2011

Read Between the Mainstream Lines

Tex Lahoma

I consider mainstream media to be completely bought and paid for, basically the "voice of the enemy".
When you look at it like that you can see who is acceptable
(to them) to be president.

They were all for Rick Perry, so I knew he was no good.

I was watching their (NBC) reporting on Cain. They say he was the head of Godfathers Pizza and named a couple of more jobs that he had, but do they mention his most prestigious job?
NO, I guess because they are trying to portray him as an outsider, in two separate reports they leave out the most important (and most telling) job he has ever had: chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

They find Cain acceptable, so I know he's no good.

I haven't paid much attention to Romney but I hear them speak his name and often gloss over the candidate that is ahead of him. Like
"Cain is first, Perry second and in forth place we have Romney."

They like Romney, so I know he's no good.

There is one guy who's name they really hate to even mention, Ron Paul.

They don't like Ron Paul, so that's who I'm for!


Ted Amadeus said...

IT'S COMFORTING That, As The Country Sinks in red ink & the world economy collapses, the Bougoise Left have their priorities straight *ahem*:
Or not.
The Establishment press will start putting up a lot of "glitter" about Cain if he's their Dumbass: Upbeat gloss about his family, humbug beginnings, touchy, feely emo-bullshit to get the ladies all a-flutter. The ideal candidate will be a Trojan horse like Dubya was: All the right noises will be coming out of his mouth until he gets elected - then he'll make Obama look like a rightwing nut.

Bob said...

My real concern about Dr. Paul is that if he beocmes a truly serious threat as a presidental candidate, the PTB's will take him out.

Did not President Kennedy die because he refused to sign the Civil Rights Act?

texlahoma said...

Ted - I agree with your assessment, they repeatedly skip over the fact that Cain was chairman of the KC Federal Reserve. A guy with obvious connections, but the media tries to portray him as a political outsider.

Bob - That's a concern to me too, but I'm still for him.
I thought it was more about going against the military industrial complex, I think he was going to try to end the Vietnam war and that would cost arms makes billions or maybe just millions back then.

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