Thursday, October 09, 2014

US Intel: Over 200 Going to Jail Over Sandy Hook False Flag!

If you have not heard Veterans Today Radio or listened to some of the archived shows then you are going to now learn why Veterans Today is the number one news website and radio show in the world! They have thousands of Intelligence agents all over the world that give them information and Gordon Duff has more power than you can imagine. Veterans Today IS US Intelligence and they have the full support of our military! Nobody has access to the information they have on everything because just like you see on the TV show “The Blacklist”, Gordon Duff says that the Intelligence club is a very social club. They all talk to each other. Only Veterans Today put out the truth on 9/11 and you can hear their first release on that subject in this video. They put out the truth on Sandy Hoax first too and introduced Wolfgang Halbig to the world on Veterans Today Radio. Veterans Today Radio really blew out the truth about Sandy Hook in this interview! Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer and Preston James go over all the new information they have on Sandy Hook! There have already been murders of 3 witnesses that were going to expose Sandy Hook as a false flag! Preston James says they have already identified over 200 people that have been involved with the planning, execution, financial frauds and coverup of Sandy Hook. Preston James says people ARE going to jail over this!

The whole thing is worth listening to but I know people are very busy these days, check it out @  34:45


nomad said...

So that's why Holder's sudden and mysterious resignation.

texlahoma said...

nomad - It makes sense.
I just hope these guys aren't being overly optimistic.

nomad said...

Did you see this?
They gave the future "victims" of the shooting free houses in 2009! If that's not a smoking gun ...

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