Monday, October 06, 2014

Sky Spanking

Folks in Oklahoma must have been very bad this weekend, because we are getting a sky spanking that you wouldn't believe.
What's a sky spanking?
(My apologies to anyone who thought this had to do with the Mile High Club.) 
They are spraying us heavily, possibly the worst I've ever seen.
At one point this afternoon I could see three airplanes, spaced apart, traveling North to South spraying heavily.

These aren't my pics, but the planes looked just like this.
 I don't know where these flights originate or end up, but from my perspective I'd say it's a safe bet that OKC and Dallas  (and all points in between) are getting hit hard with aluminum and barium.
Why now?
 I don't know, I can only speculate.
Could it have something to do with weakening our immune systems?
 Could the timing have something to do with the Ebola virus?


Anonymous said...

I ordinarily don't comment but chemtrails intrigue me. Have you noticed that the spraying almost always precedes several days of rain. Here in southern Nevada we haven't had a chemtrail treatment in almost a month.My wife has severe respiratory problems and I watch the skies pretty closely.

texlahoma said...

Mohave rat - Yeah, kind of, I've noticed that it is usually before a cold front, which often causes rain. We're suppose to get a cold front and rain around Thursday, so it's kind of early.

Seems like we had a couple of months of low chemtrail activity, before this onslaught.

Thanks for your interest, I remember you, we use to comment once in a while. Have a good one.

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