Friday, December 06, 2013

VIRAL: New Shocking PROOF Aurora Theater Shooting Government Pre-Meditated! Plus Ley Lines and Denver Mural? (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

By Lyn Leahz

This information is jaw dropping and really eerie!
The video creator breaks it down and shows us proof that the Aurora Theater Shooting had to have been pre-meditated. And, as he himself says, there is enough proof here to convict someone of pre-meditated murder! Will that happen? Somehow, I doubt it. Why? Because it’s Illuminati NWO government behind it! Location of the Lotus/spiral: 39°42’38.75″N 104°48’46.93″W Aurora Municipal Center, Aurora Colorado
UPDATE: Location Found!
Mind Blowing Ley Lines and Grisly Colorado Mural Coincidence?

Much much more here (definitely worth taking a look at)

Related post lil-wayne-my-homies-still At about the 3:36 mark the theater scene begins -  video released before the Aurora Theater Shooting - Lil Wayne is in a theater with twelve skeletons.

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