Sunday, December 29, 2013

Iran Plans to Launch an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Nuclear War Against the US

(WOJ) – Ayatollah warns U.S. needs punch on the mouth. Iran’s spiritual leader says nuke plan to continue. The spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is warning the U.S. to stay out of his country’s business and, in particular, its nuclear program, which is set to resume this week. Speaking on a tour of southeast Iran, Khamenei said the US “deserved a punch in the mouth.” From where does this brashness come? It comes from Iran’s plans to launch an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Nuclear war against the USA and Europe, crippling the West in the War on terror. - See more at:

[Bluebeerriver Analysis - Someone intends to launch an EMP attack on the United States.
Now we know who will be blamed, Iran.
It's always good to have a patsy like Adam Lanza or Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
BTW "be blamed" is from an American perspective "gets to take credit" might be more like it from an anti-American perspective.
That's why I think Iran is playing along "Sure, we'll take credit for bringing the great Satan to it's knees."]

Who really wants to destroy the U.S. with an EMP?
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Excerpt from nukes-on-loose

Yesterday, I received a call from one these families and I was told that the power grid takedown was nearly accomplished, through the use of an EMP, but was thwarted by the military and that this was one of the primary reasons why Obama has stepped up the unprecedented purge of the military and their leadership.

In late August, I had received information which stated that the power grid was going to be taken down, as a prelude to martial law, through the detonation of two high altitude nuclear explosions over the mid-continent of the United States.
I was warning the people to prepare. At that time, I also tied in the statements of recently departed DHS director, Janet Napolitano, in which she said a power grid take down was imminent and it was a not a matter of if, but when it would occur.
 Napolitano and Clinton have both left the inner circle of the White House. Why? Clearly, both parties are aware of what was planned for America on November 13, 2013, in which the Grid EX II drills were going to be used as a false flag event from which to launch an EMP attack.

This attack was thwarted by the US military because it turns out that there are nuclear bombs that are unaccounted for. Some sources say there are two unaccounted for nuclear bombs, some sources say as many as five nuclear bombs are unaccounted for. Many have assumed that regardless of how many nukes are missing that they were being held by Obama forces to be used in a series of false flag attack(s).

 It appears that this is not the case. At this point, I want to be clear about one thing, from my sources ranging from current to past intelligence personnel to high level retired military officers, these sources are amazingly consistent in that this President is preparing America for her demise. The military leadership of this country is being decimated in the hope that a “new military” will surface and carry out this agenda.


billy pilgrim said...

israel has to figure in this in some way.

i miss art bell talking about harp and the grid.

texlahoma said...

Billy - Yeah, so many players.
I don't have it all figured out, but it's fun to try.

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