Saturday, December 28, 2013

Abrams Tanks Being Pre-Positioned In Wilderness Areas As Well As Major Crossroads

... I don’t want to be too specific but a couple of well seasoned backpackers were in the back country in the Southern Sierra Nevada and hit a switchback that is approximately 4 miles in each direction.

They know what they are doing so on the way up they cut across the switchback to save a few miles walking.

 These people are trustworthy and don’t blow smoke where there is no fire!

They said they came across an Abrams tank parked in the middle of no where and covered with a new type of camo cover that I am not familiar with.

They said there were no tracks at all.

It had to have been airlifted in and parked for future use.

They said that it looked really clean, like it had not been there long.

They got spooked and left the area quickly.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You will likely find much of this any where within 100 miles of the coast or borders-what YAL calls the "Fourth Amendment Free Zone": The vehicles are probably assigned to NDAA & DHS.

texlahoma said...

Man, if I didn't have so many ties to this country, I'd be out of here.

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