Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Maybe We Should All Go To South Africa

What if an asteroid, comet, comet debris or something else was going to hit the Northern hemisphere?

 Let's say that the world leaders knew about it and they knew when it was going to hit.

They, of course, decided not to inform the general public.

Just in case the impacts aren't as devastating as expected and society remains relatively intact, it would be much more palatable to voters for their leaders to have been out of the hemisphere "paying their respects", than to be cowering in a bunker.

"Singing South Africans gathered in the rain today to honor the peace campaigner at a massive memorial service that drew some 100 heads of state and other luminaries, united in tribute to a global symbol of reconciliation."

But what about Nelson Mandela's death?

 Just lucky timing?

 No, just like the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, a guy that was already dead, died again, at a more  convenient time.

 Mandela, who died aged 95, made his last public appearance at the stadium at the closing ceremony of the 2010 football World Cup."

I couldn't afford a ticket to South Africa, but I bought the best hardhat they had down at the hardware store.

My family keeps asking me why I'm wearing a hardhat all the time.

I just say "No reason."  and think to myself...

"I should be a government spokesman spokesperson."

Well, to everyone who can't afford a ticket to South Africa, good luck!

P.S. The following video added on Dec 13th 2013.


Gundeck Bob said...

South Africa?

A 3,000 foot tidal wave(in the preview of Deep Impact) would wipe most of it out.

Best head for the Rockies where everything is 6,000 feet and above.

You would possibly have a few extra days of life.

texlahoma said...

Bob -
It just makes me a little nervous when they all go to the Southern hemisphere at the same time.

Maybe a super volcano is going to erupt in Yellowstone or the New Madrid fault is going to have an earthquake.

But you've got a great point there if it hits the water and odds are it would.

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