Saturday, February 09, 2013

Violent LAPD Shoots First at Anything Resembling Suspect's Car

Activist Post

Almost proving the ex-cop Chris Dorner's point in his manifesto of cops using excessive force, LAPD are the ones who appear to be on a rampage against anyone who's driving a car even remotely similar to the suspect's.

The video below tells of how cops have opened fire on yet another innocent vehicle "generally" fitting the description of Dorner's car.  Luckily the innocent driver was uninjured.

Previously, two women were hospitalized after being attacked by police for driving a blue Toyota Tacoma while they were delivering newspapers in a quiet neighborhood. Police were looking for a pickup truck of a different color, make, and model with a supposed connection to Dorner.

Upon seeing this truck drive down a residential neighborhood, police began unloading their weapons on sight. There are almost 40 bullet holes visible in this picture.


billy pilgrim said...

wow, the keystone cops. cops beating people up is a planet wide epidemic and they're hugely overpaid with gold plated pensions.

i wouldn't mind being a cop.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I'm totally down wit Billy: I'd love to infiltrate, find the cracks in their system and set up something to fuck it all up after I retired!

texlahoma said...

Billy - They seem to be scared shitless, someone actually after THEM for a change.

Galt - If they act like this now, how are they going to act when the gun owners are resisting?
Yeah, I applied for a job working in an evidence room, didn't get it, drooled too much I guess.

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