Friday, February 08, 2013

Armed and Informed


Everybody is looking at the gun “problem” in America. Fights over the Second Amendment. State laws that go against the Constitution.
Blame it on Sandy Hook or Colorado.
Tell people we need to be disarmed because it’s for the children.
It’s all [expletive deleted]. Most people know it’s all [expletive deleted], but that’s where their rational assessment stops.
Why do you think the people in power want to - no – need to disarm the public?
It’s because they are planning an economic collapse, and an armed and informed populace is a danger to their plan.
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Mr. Shife said...

I hope the folks - I decided to play nice and not call them what I really want to call them - just enforce the laws already on the book. Not feeling too optimistic about 2013 and politicians getting things done. So far it is just more bickering and kicking the can down the road. Hope all is well, texlahoma.

texlahoma said...

Mr. Shife - I agree with you. Most people that have been around the block know that prohibition doesn't work. Didn't work for alcohol, doesn't work for drugs and it sure won't work for guns.

Anyway, yeah things are going pretty well around here. I've been watching the yearly struggle for control between winter and spring. About a month from now it'll be time to break out the lawnmower and weedeater, down here at least. Have a good weekend.

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