Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bad News is - Our Taxes Went up The Good News is - We must be Making Over $250 Thousand a Year

More broken promises Here


Bob said...

What a liar. And he really is a liar. you just posted proof.

What a bastard. And he really is a bastard. his Mother never married his Daddy. His mom and Dad were nothing more than casual sexual partners, typical amoral conduct for many college students.

What a traitor. And he really is a traitor, he has violated his path of office many times.

So he really is a traitorous, lying bastard.

This man needs to be removed from office, tried for treason, and then locked away where he can do us and the nation no further harm.

billy pilgrim said...

but next time there's an increase it'll be the lower earners turn to accept the higher taxes.

it's time for a flat tax with no deductions.

texlahoma said...

Bob - I was hoping that he wasn't a liar and I was making 250K, but I looked at my last paycheck and he IS a lying bastard!

Billy - I think they should just tax you on what you spend. But your way would be a definite improvement.

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