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Murder and Rape Allegations in Alaska National Guard

December 24, 2012
Please read through all the links.  This post is being sent out to numerous media sources to gain national attention, and multiple forensic toxicology / autonomic / clinical pathologists in order to bring together interested parties who can help to achieve in the following:
(1) bring justice to numerous US military families, especially to the men and women stationed in Alaska who have died and continue to die of "unknown" causes without investigations even though reports stated foul play, drug cartel, and weapons trafficking; 2) syndicate a national and global awareness of rogue militants allowed to join the United States Armed Forces today to operate against itself appointed at the highest levels; and, 3) bring justice to 45+ stationed Alaska military rape victims who after reporting through the proper channels up the chain of command were left without investigations into their cases and rather actually ignored.

It is said to be a cover up that goes deep.  A connection much bigger than humanly imaginable.  The drug cartel, guns trafficking, operating out of mainly Fort Greely, Alaska.  FBI agent Karl Hansen flew to Alaska with a second agent from Washington DC with orders from his superiors to
investigate the unknown deaths and claims of drug cartel operating out of Alaska, as well the 45+ reported rape victims that were left un-investigated.  Star generals are reported involved at the highest levels, and at one point, it was remarked how "this is movie stuff" shaking his head.  Colonel Blaylock when questioned said it is the residual effects of Eric Holder's Operation Fast and Furious that is being injected into our military.
Colonel Blaylock has gone to 11 sources to get help, and then in the middle of investigations, April 2012, he was terminated from the US Armed Forces after 29.5 years serving.
Sources Made Aware

        1       FBI
        2       Alaska StateTrooper
        3       Anchorage Police Department (APD)
        4       US Marshals
        5       Senator Begich
        6       Senator Murkowski
        7       Governor Parnell
        8       US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Fort Rich
        9       Department of Army
        10      Department of Defense (DoD)
        11      Anchorage Daily News three (3) times
No one agency or department listed has started a thorough investigation that will begin to punish these crimes stated by family, in reports made by military and other officials, and now in a newer report in 2012 made by the FBI.  To date, the wrong doers continue without punishment, meanwhile
justice gets delayed for the 45+ raped victims, and numerous military families who want answers as to why their loved ones died.
Colonel Blaylock did however do something about this himself.  Staff Sergeant Michelle M. Clark, age 31, seven (7) months pregnant, came to him on Friday January 13, 2011 to say "they are going to kill me."  Two days later, Monday January 16, 2011, Michelle was found dead in her home, as
was the 7-month old unborn little girl upon hospital arrival.
Blaylock did work closely with FBI agent Karl Hansen as Karl put together a report for his superiors back in Washington DC.  Colonel Blaylock has given the following 11-page print (see attachment) to issue to the press naming individuals and what he knows is currently transpiring in the
Alaska military, especially Fort Greely, Alaska.
Asked how this could have happened, Colonel Blaylock states numerous men and women are released from prison, their past criminal records wiped clean, and in return they work for upper superiors in a state like Alaska while they are stationed in the military.  The US military is also
accepting non-US citizens into the United States Armed Forces Blaylock states.  Meanwhile, numerous military young and old, men women, daughters sons, fathers mothers, and even families will continue to die off due to unknown causes on US military bases, in their own homes, while deployed, or in various off character places across the globe because they refused to cooperate with the greater agenda.
In researching I found the below list of published linked articles to the numerous Alaskan military 'deaths due to unknown causes'.  Take note, some deaths occur more often in one company, infantry, battalion, brigade etc; not all remain in one location due to deployment and or relocation, but this begets a connection to the working military factions within.
Blaylock believes there is a connection to the two Kodiak US Coast Guardsmen shot in April 2012 (see link below) while on guard at a remote communications station on the island of Kodiak.  Is it possible?  FBI agent Karl Hansen reported that one of the weapons used in a Fairbanks plot to kill (see links below) was found on a mobile device owned by deceased Staff Sergeant Michelle Clark, in charge of Supply Support.  As far as the family is concerned, this is why she was killed.  She got close and didn't cooperate.
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