Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fast and Furious - Does Obama Only Cry For Dead White Kids?

Fast and Furious commenced in 2009 and eventually led to the deaths of agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata and hundreds of Mexican citizens.

Fast & Furious/Obama Murdergate

 Dave Workman of Examiner.com writes:
Still very much in play is a legal action by Issa's committee to get its hands on thousands of documents currently protected by presidential privilege since Barack Obama took ownership of Fast and Furious in July, giving cover to Holder, who did not want to release the documents.

 The question remains, what's in there that Holder and the White House do not want the committee to see?

 What's in there, indeed?  
Why did the president need to invoke executive privilege on an issue he and the attorney general knew nothing about? 
 If they're so innocent, they should pony up the documents.
The White House and DOJ have withheld evidence, stonewalled and covered up Fast and Furious from the very beginning.
Then they appointed an inspector general who works for Eric Holder to investigate Holder.
Is it any wonder that IG Michael Horowitz produced a highly biased sham report that protects those at the top of the food chain?
The Obama administration and its collaborators in the media will keep the truth from coming out no matter how many dead bodies pile up.
The latest flurry of activity from the ATF is just more of the same nauseating chum Holder and Obama have been throwing out for two years.
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