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Remarkable Resemblance Of Sandy Hook Victims And Professional Crisis Actors

Friday, January 11, 2013 20:10

This is a follow-up on the post our lowtechgrannie did on January 7, 2013, “Crisis Actor Photos.”
Remember this?
crisis actors
At issue is whether professional “crisis actors” are going beyond mere simulation of mass casualty events (what the Denver-based group VisionBox Crisis Actors say they do) to actually impersonate real-life people caught in the news of recent massacres, notably the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.
There’s a woman named Jennifer Greenberg Sexton who lives in Florida. She has a remarkable family because so many members of the Sexton-Greenberg clan are dopplegangers of people associated with the Sandy Hook massacre.
Here’s Jennifer Greenberg on Stars Color, a website with pictures of people in the movie industry — actors, actresses, directors — which suggests Greenberg is an actress, albeit not a famous or even known one:
Here’s a picture of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and her husband Richard Sexton (we don’t know when the photos were taken):
Jennifer & Richard Sexton
Here’s a later photo of Richard Sexton, showing he’s lost some hair:
Jennifer Greenberg hubby Richard Sexton aka Nick Phelps
In the video below, beginning at the 8:49 mark, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is interviewing a couple, Nick and Laura Phelps, about slain Sandy Hook school principal Dawn Hochsprung. The Phelps are parents of two Sandy Hook students:

I took these two screen shots of Nick and Laura Phelps from the video:
Nick & Laura Phelps x2
But Nick and Laura Phelps look very much like another couple, Richard and Jennifer Greenberg Sexton! See for yourself.
In the composite below, Richard Sexton is in the top row, Nick Phelps in bottom row:
Sexton & Phelps composite
Here’s a composite of pictures of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (top row) and Laura Phelps (bottom row). Dang. The two women even part their hair the same way!
Jennifer Greenberg Laura Phelps composite
At the 8:35 mark of the same video (above) is a picture of slain Sandy Hook first grade teacher Victoria Soto in the right foreground. In the background on the left is a white-haired man making a devil’s horn sign with his hand.
Here’s a screen shot I took from the video:
Devils horn guy aka Michael Greenberg
Below is a picture of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (r) with a man (l) identified as Michael Greenberg (Jennifer’s uncle?):
Michael Greenberg
Same head posture; same glaring eyes. Are devil’s horn man and Michael Greenberg the same person?
Devils horn guy = Michael Greenberg
Remember the pic of Richard and Jennifer (Greenberg) Sexton and their daughter? Here it is again. Take a good look at the girl’s face:
Here’s a pic of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton with two girls. The one on the left looks to be an older version of the young girl in the photo above. The older girl on the right is said to be Samantha Sexton:
mommy with her girls
Here’s a photo of 5 children, said to be the Sexton-Greenberg kids. Do the girls look familiar to you? The girl on the left looks like Samantha Sexton in the photo above. Note the smiling dark-haired boy, the second boy from Samantha. Let’s call him the Greenberg boy.
Beginning at the 3:45 mark in the video below, a reporter is interviewing the siblings of slain teacher Victoria Soto. Pay special attention to the boy Carlos Matthew Soto (5:00 mark) and the older girl, Carlee Soto (5:28 mark):

Does Carlos Matthew Soto (l) look like an older version of the Greenberg boy (r)?
Carlos Soto & Sexton-Greenberg boy
Does Carlee Soto (l) look like an older version of Samantha Sexton (r)?
Carlee Soto is Samantha Sexton
Beginning at the 5:30 mark of this video is Kaitlin Roig, a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook who survived the harrowing ordeal:

Does Kaitlin Roig (below left) look like Jennifer McCray Rincon (middle and right) the executive artistic director of Vision Box Crisis Actors?
Kaitlin Roig-Jennifer Rincon
What are the chances (probability) that so many members of one family in Florida, that of actress Jennifer Greenberg Sexton, look like the doubles of members of two other families — the Phelps and Sotos — thousands of miles away in Newtown, Connecticut?
What do you think?
Sources of Greenberg-Sexton photos:
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