Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"Guns are Bad" Newspaper That Published Map of Pistol Permit Holders Hires Armed Security Guards

Armed guards from RGA Investigations have taken up post at the Journal News’ Rockland County headquarters  

Posted January 1st, 2013

Journal News' Rockland headquarters in West Nyack, Town of Clarkstown
Guns are good for the goose but NOT for the gander.
A Clarkstown police report issued on December 28, 2012, confirmed that The Journal News has hired armed security guards from New City-based RGA Investigations and that they are manning the newspaper’s Rockland County headquarters at 1 Crosfield Ave., West Nyack, through at least tomorrow, Wednesday, January 2, 2013.
According to police reports on public record, Journal News Rockland Editor Caryn A. McBride was alarmed by the volume of “negative correspondence,” namely an avalanche of phone calls and emails to the Journal News office, following the newspaper’s publishing of a map of all pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester.


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Lady Rae said...

The newspaper was not saying "melt all guns" they were pointing out to the rest of us which people we might need to keep an eye on for the next Adam Lanza. These random shootings are happening because of the "responsible gun owners" that are mostly white and middle class. These are crimes committed for no other reason and they are using guns,which are tools that have no purpose other than to kill. More guns do not make us safer. Period.

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