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"Strange sounds" reports sent to RDR

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More "strange sound" reports are noted by RDR readers.
By Andrew W. Griffin
Red Dirt Report, editor
Posted: April 9, 2012
OKLAHOMA CITY – While the frenzy of reports involving “strange sounds” appears to have subsided in recent weeks, our story “Oklahoma man reports ‘strange sounds’ and ‘sky trumpets’ near his home” generated a few comments from readers who had “strange sounds experiences of their own. Names have been changed due to the controversial nature of the subject.
The first reader we heard from was Stacy. After reading the aforementioned story, Stacy, living in northern Virginia, said the portion of our story about “Owen” near Owasso, Okla. hearing a sound that sounded like a “large bucket loader … scraping across concrete” and having a “tone quality to it” was “almost exactly” how she heard nearly identical sounds two nights in a row, sometime in the fall of 2011.
While about a 20-minute drive from metro Washington’s Dulles International Airport, Stacy said she was sitting out in her outside, covered, screened-in porch, at about 11 p.m., when she heard a sound that “sounded like a very large, unusually outsized road grader or machine with a  very large blade or bucket scraping the road.”
There was no snow on the ground to be plowed, and while Interstate 66 was not far away, no road grading was going on, to her knowledge.
Millie, a media professional, wrote to Red Dirt Report with an experience that went back to October 2010 and occurred during a trip to the California side of Lake Tahoe. Living on the West Coast, Millie was with her husband, a science teacher, who needed to attend an evening science class in that area.
Wrote Millie in an email: “We were driving along Highway 89 through the mountainous pristine forest when we heard loud booms and then what sounded like a freight train going right along side our vehicle. However, there were no train tracks and there was no construction or anything or anyone in the area. As we drove and continued to hear the loud noise we rolled down the window and the sound seemed to surround us. I remember experiencing an eerie feeling or sensation almost like an out of body experience, but it wasn't.

Continuing, Millie wrote: “I would have to say the event lasted about eight-to-10 minutes. As soon as we arrived in Tahoe we no longer heard the sound but certainly talked about it all weekend with the other teachers who were also part of the science class. We were certainly a bit spooked about what happened and now that other similar reports are coming out, we are really wondering what on earth that noise was.”
Another reader, Jeremy, simply wrote us about his experience that took place in October 2011, while he was standing on his front porch.
“I heard what I thought to be a low-flying jet fixing to come over my house. So, I walked out on the lawn and watched as it got louder and it lasted about a minute or two and then it ended. So, I checked the weather to see if an storms (were) in the area and nothing showed.” Jeremy said he has been researching this sound, thinking he was the only one to hear it, only to find our recent Red Dirt Report article.

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