Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top ten reasons to question the official story - OKC Bombing

By: Holland O. Van den Nieuwenhof

1. John Doe #2 And Other Accomplices
Timothy McVeigh is supposed to be the only one who drove the Ryder truck full of explosives up to the Murrah building and detonated it. But the government only produced one witness during McVeigh’s trial to place him in Oklahoma City. That witness, Daina Bradley, lost her children, her mother and her leg in the bombing. Under cross-examination, she admitted that she saw McVeigh with another man, the fabled John Doe #2, in the Ryder truck. Numerous ( 1 2 ) other witnesses state that they saw McVeigh with other perpetrators the day of the bombing. There are also numerous other witness accounts of McVeigh accompanied by other men during his preparation for the bombing and even when he rented the Ryder truck. In some cases, these suspects have been identified by witnesses and yet the government claims that McVeigh was the sole actor in the tragedy of April 19, 1995.

2. Why Was The ATF AWOL
Paramedic Tiffany Bible, who was on the scene within five minutes, has stated in an affidavit that agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) told her that they were not in their office that morning. EMT Katherine Mallet also overheard one ATF agent say to another, “Is that why we got the page not to come in today?” Bruce Shaw, as interviewed on KFOR-TV, was also told by ATF agents that they had been paged not to come in to work. ATF agents initially denied these claims and now variously claim that one of their agents was in a free-falling elevator (this has been disproved), or that they had been on an all-night stakeout or that they had been at a golf tournament. As they try to sort out their lies, all we want to know is: did the ATF receive a warning, and if so, why did they not pass it on to others in the Murrah building?

3. Other Bombs Going Off
Several survivors vividly recall that the Murrah building began to tremble and pitch before the truck bomb blew off the façade of the building. Jane Graham of HUD felt an earthquake sensation and felt the building pitch back and forth. A warning was yelled out to get under the desks, which saved the lives of Graham and everyone else in the room when everything collapsed 8-10 seconds after the initial tremors. Jack Gobin of the Dept. of Agriculture also felt an earthquake sensation and got under his desk before the collapse. Michael Hinton, a federal agent, was on a bus several blocks away when two separate blast waves nearly tilted the bus over. Given that the blast wave of an ANFO bomb travels at 1,100 feet per second, it is inconceivable that one event could be responsible for the 10 second gap between the episodes. The seismograph at the University of Oklahoma also records two separate episodes, 10 seconds apart.

4. Experts Refute The Official Story
Air Force General Benton Partin, who for years headed the Air Force Armaments Laboratory, examined evidence of the bombing and issued a report concluding that, “the massive destruction was primarily the result of four demolition charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level.” Dr. Sam Cohen, inventor of the neutron bomb, also agrees, stating, “I believe that the demolitions charges in the building were placed inside at certain key concrete columns did the primary damage to the Murrah Federal Building,” and that, “It would have been absolutely impossible and against the laws of nature for a truck full of fertilizer and fuel oil… no matter how much was used… to bring the building down.” So who planted those charges, and why have they not been brought to justice?

5. More Bombs Found In The Building

6. Informants Told The Government The Murrah Building Was Going To Be Bombed

7. Foreknowledge

8. Bomb Squad At The Federal Courthouse Before The Bombing

9. The Extra Leg

10. What Is On The Surveillance Tapes

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