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Where Is The Outrage? The Silence Is Deafening

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(FEDERALJACK)   The silence is deafening.

Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the media, and President Obama?

I though you were all crusaders of justice? (sarcasm)

Where are you all now that a bunch of white cops killed an unarmed black Vietnam marine veteran for the crime of accidentally setting off his medic alert bracelet?

Where is the outrage that the cops are on tape calling the Marine a “nigger” and making fun of his military service?

 Where is Obama saying this guy could have been his brother?

Where is Al Sharpton screaming bloody murder and stirring up the pot?

 Oh that’s right, this was a bunch of cops doing the killing so it’s different.

It’s acceptable because the “boys in blue” did it so it must be justified.

This serves to prove the point that the race bating over the Trayvon Martin shooting is being done on purpose, selective anger by Sharpton, Obama, Jackson, The MSM, and others.

All done for political reasons.


Bob said...

The police are the good guys in any police state.

As an aside, one more unexpected picture of Soldhersoul O'Brien may trigger an uncontrolled violent reaction on my part and there's no telling what I might do to my monitor. If forewarned, I usually do not allow such trash into my home.

texlahoma said...

Bob - People that got so upset about Trayvon Martin getting shot and killed should ask themselves, why not get upset about this killing?

I think the sad, pathetic answer is
"Well, we weren't manipulated by the press and conman leaders this time, so WTF, we'll just let this one slide."
And why were they not manipulated by the press and conman leaders this time? Because it was the police that pulled the trigger.
Not too useful for gun control and it might turn people against the authority figures instead of starting a race war.
Which really boils down to your statement: "The police are the good guys in any police state."

I would be so ashamed of myself if I were so easily manipulated or at least realize that I were being manipulated and be mad at the manipulators.

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