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Crazy Talk Vs. Baby Talk Vs. Real Talk On Five Controversial Subjects

April 9, 2012

If crazy had a face, this would be it.
Who is crazy? Who is telling the truth? Who is wearing the tin foil hat? Him? Or him?

Who gets to define who is crazy, and why?

We should not let the government and media decide who has crazy views about politics, society, and history in a free society. All views should be given equal treatment. Prejudice, ignorance, and close-mindedness are the enemies of a free society.

Let's get back to the basics. Let's ask basic questions such as what is crazy talk? What is truth speech? What is reality?

I. Crazies, Babies, And Truth-Tellers

Definition of crazy talk: Talk that distorts reality and further separates the governing elite in the West from the general public. Example: official statements and propaganda talking points by the criminal governments in Washington and Tel Aviv, and their collaborators in the global establishment media.

Definition of baby talk: Talk that is based on total ignorance and legitimizes government deceptions. It is mouthed by brainwashed people who unquestioningly accept government rhetoric as fact and the last word on reality, especially on events that define their existence and their relationship to the government like 9/11.

Definition of real talk: Talk that is based on facts, and destroys war propaganda with the force of truth. Examples: 9/11 was an inside job, and the Federal Reserve was created by a private international banking cartel in order to take over America.

II. Crazy Talk vs. Baby Talk vs. Real Talk

1. The 9/11 Attacks

Crazy talk: The 9/11 attacks were committed by a man who previously had a close relationship with the CIA in its fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s. He turned against us in the 1990s because he suddenly decided to hate our freedoms and our luxurious way of life.

Baby talk: Bad men with turbans from a faraway place did 9/11 and anybody who says otherwise is nuts.

Real talk: 9/11 was a classic false flag operation that was done by shadow elements in the governments of the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

2. The War on Terror

Crazy talk: We must fight a long war against terrorism in order to protect our freedoms and keep our societies safe from terrorists.

Baby talk: My government is good. My government never lies. My government loves me and my family. We must support the government or else the terrorists will kill us. We must not listen to the conspiracy theorists and question the judgment of our divine leaders. We must follow the correct and narrow path set forth by the government.

Real talk: The war on terror is a fraud. Islamic terrorism is an invented enemy. Al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA, MI6, and Mossad. The main leadership of Islamic Jihad movements in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East are on the payroll of Western, Israeli, and Saudi intelligence agencies. They are used to spread chaos in the Middle East and destabilize the entire region, especially in countries that are against Israeli and American hegemony. 

3. The Federal Reserve

Crazy talk: The Federal Reserve is America's finest institution. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is a great man and a noble soul. If it wasn't for the genius of Bernanke and the Fed, America's economy would be in the dump. We are lucky that this economic saint heroically used his mystical powers to save the American economy and prevent Western civilization from collapsing. The gods will embrace him as their own.

Baby talk: The Federal Reserve is a legitimate government institution because the Federal Reserve and its defenders in the press and government said so. Paying the income tax is patriotic, and those who don't pay it are just libertarian freaks who hate the government and hate the poor. They demonize the income tax to avoid paying for social services and government infrastructure.

Real talk: The Federal Reserve system is illegitimate because it is not a legal government institution. It is a private institution that was specifically created to advance the private interests of a few international banking families who devised a clever propaganda strategy in the early 20th century to take over the U.S. banking system. Paying the income tax is not an act of patriotism, but an act of slavery. 

4. State Surveillance

Crazy talk: The government must spy on society to identify national security threats and protect the public from the international menace of terrorism. 

Baby talk: I don't care if the government spies on me because I have nothing to hide. I want the government to catch the bad guys with their CSI technology so I don't have to fear for my life.

Real talk: State surveillance, especially when its reach is unlimited, is dangerous and deadly because it contributes to the creation of a closed and totalitarian country. It is used by regimes as a tool of social control and political oppression. In highly surveilled societies, political dissidents are targeted as well as people in all levels of social strata, including government bureaucrats and politicians.

5. Iranian Nuclear Program

Crazy talk: Iran is developing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and the United States. Iran's suicidal religious leadership is obsessed with the end of times mythology, so talking to them is useless and naive.

Baby talk: Bad men with turbans from a faraway place want to pull off a nuclear 9/11 and anybody who says otherwise is nuts.

Real talk: Iran is not developing nuclear weapons. Iran does not want to wipe Israel off the map. Iran's leadership is not suicidal.

III. The Crazies And The Babies Vs. The Truth-Tellers

A few crazies and millions of babies are allies in a forced political marriage and are working together to suppress the global 9/11 truth and accountability movement. With the political power of state secrecy and the social power of popular ridicule, they have so far prevented the scientific evidence that is at the base of the 9/11 truth movement from entering mainstream consciousness.

The power of the crazies who hijacked the American and Israeli governments is that they are crazy, and the babies have trouble believing that they voted for crazy people to lead them into a totalitarian nightmare. They cannot see the crazy qualities of their leaders because deep down they don't want to see it. Their worldview won't allow it. Such knowledge would put their own mental sanity and political education into question, and they are not psychologically capable of dealing with that.

People in our societies are victims of totalitarian brainwashing and mass mind control, so we should not be judgmental, rude, and mean-spirited when they doggedly defend the official 9/11 lie and other institutional deceptions.

The individual's mind has been closed by the totalitarian state with state myths and official lies locked inside. Only the individual can choose to open his/her mind, and see the world anew. No amount of information and evidence can alone change an individual's belief about the true meaning of  the 9/11 attacks and the true identity of the political actors who were involved in making the attacks happen and then selling a mythical story to the global public through the global media.

Millions of individuals are already awake. We can only hope that millions more of individuals will wake up and change their minds about the false flag 9/11 attacks and the fraudulent war on terror before it is too late.

Once the USraeli bombs start to fall on Iran and all hell breaks loose in the Middle East, there won't be talk of 9/11 truth and how the world came to a state of total chaos and world war. There will be martial law. The crazies in the government will crackdown on dissent. So, in the hope that we may prevent an epic catastrophe, let's do the talking before the insane bombing of cities is started by the crazies.
The Excavator

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