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Pegasus Targets Freeh – On Orders From The President

According to this report, this past week a specialized assassination unit under orders of President Obama attacked former FBI Director Louis Freeh with what intelligence analysts say was a directed-energy weapon (DEW) known as a “Dazzler”, which caused Freeh’s vehicle to crash on a rural Vermont roadway on 25 August, effectively neutralizing him and sending a clear message to his associates.
The Dazzler is a man portable advanced laser weapon
Dazzlers are DEW weapons used for temporarily blinding or stunning a human target, this report says, or to disable a driver in a moving vehicle. Targets can also include mechanical sensors or aircraft and emit infrared or invisible light against various electronic sensors, and visible light against humans, but cause no long-term damage to eyes.

Acting upon information received by Pegasus during an operation earlier this month (18 August as they brazenly attacked a Saudi Arabian embassy convoy in Paris) where in the documents seized, Freeh was implicated (among many others) of planning a massive terror attack in both the US and EU, The President found it necessary to act swiftly to insure the message was sent to Freeh’s associates.
In the immediate aftermath of the Freeh neutralization, he was flown by a medical evacuation helicopter to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center where he was admitted under armed guard to the intensive care unit of this Lebanon, New Hampshire hospital.

Freeh's Car following the Dazzler Attack
Freeh’s Car following the Dazzler Attack
Vermont State Police further stated that because of the nature of Freeh’s single-vehicle crash, their accident reconstruction team was not called in, and based on the evidence at the scene, the characteristics of the accident were said “consistent” with somebody who either fell asleep, got distracted or experienced a medical issue while driving as there were no brake marks on the roadway.
Freeh was the fifth Director of the FBI and served from September 1993 to June 2001, and whose reign oversaw the longest run of FBI public disasters in its entire history; which included the 1992 Ruby Ridge ambush, the 1993 Waco Siege, the 1993 White House murder of Vince Foster, the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and even the 11 September 2001 (9/11) terrorist attacks he was directly implicated in.
This report further notes that Freeh himself has been implicated as being one of the “masterminds” of both the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing due to his failure to notify other US intelligence agencies that one of the World Trade Center bombers, Ramzi Yousef, and one of the Oklahoma City bombing conspirators, Terry Nichols, were “known terror associates” in the Philippines where they both lived.
Even worse, this report says, Freeh knew of the identity of “The Third Terrorist” involved in the Oklahoma City bombing whom many believe was Hussain Hashem Al-Hussaini, an Iraqi soldier in the first Gulf War, and who was identified by the FBI as “John Doe 2” in the immediate aftermath of this horrific terror attack.

To fully comprehend why Obama has targeted Freeh,  analysts  say, one must first understand that Freeh heads the much feared (and extremely deadly) faction within the power corridors of Washington D.C. controlled by the Clintons and financed by American billionaires attempting to start a war.
And to know Freeh’s full involvement in starting this war, this report says, one must know of his, and Hillary Clinton’s, association with the Iranian terror group known as Muhadedin-e-Khalq (MEK).
The MEK is the terrorist group that assassinated at least six Americans and is now assisting the Israeli government in killing Iranian scientists, a prima facie definition of what constitutes terrorism.
The group was on the US State Department terrorist list from 1997 until 2012, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton de-listed it in response to demands coming from friends of Israel in Congress as well as from a large group of ex-government officials, many of whom were paid large honoraria by the group to serve as advocates.

Unfortunately for Freeh, however, this report concludes, is that Obama has split from the Clinton’s and instead of seeing Iran as an “enemy”, has instead embraced them and identified as his main adversaries Saudi Arabia and Israel…both of whom he “personally blames” for 9/11 attacks upon America…along with Freeh.
The attack on Freeh sends a clear message. “We are aware of your intentions. Stand Down or Pay the Price.”
Many rumors are flying…and this is one. But it is not to be completely ignored. Pegasus team members tell me that they are very busy on American Soil working to determine and deter an attempt to subjugate the U.S. Government. When asked specifically about Mr. Freeh, they would only comment that he is a person of interest and in my experience should be!  The “Shadow” seems to be lurking heavily and very active.

Full story at veteranstoday.com 

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