Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tex Takes a Mini-Vacation

I wouldn't call it a full fledged vacation, but I got away for a few days.
 I decided not to post anything while away, I needed a break from everything.
 I stayed busy the whole time, the (unofficial - unpaid) vacation director/tour guide was very good at keeping us busy and entertained.
 I wouldn't have gotten to do half the things that we did if it were left up to me and my poor organizational skills.
 Oh yeah one more thing, she can Drive!
People in the Ozarks drive crazy, worse than Oklahoma City, I guess they drive about like people do in Dallas, but in a more compact area, so it seems even more intense.
Speaking of driving, in Arkansas they have drive up windows at liquor stores. (I love it!)
 I don't know, that might be common, but it's not allowed in Oklahoma.
(Comments welcome on your country's, state, county, city laws on liquor.)
 I think in Louisiana you can pull up to the window and get a mixed drink.

Anyway, one of the things that I got to do was shoot zombies, as you may suspect, I thought it was great.
 I had a long time to think in line (a very long line).
My mind was wandering and I started thinking about The Walking Dead which was good, because it sure got me in the mood to shoot zombies.
Some people were going nuts, using a bunch of ammo.
 I didn't do that, long story short, pretty soon I was just shooting them in the head.
 Hey, if I don't brag on me, who will?
 Oh yeah, some little kids were doing just as good as me. (There is hope for our future.)
 (BTW, it's ok to shoot them in the head, they wear protective gear.)
This isn't the one I went to, but it's a lot like it.

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