Thursday, October 10, 2013

FEMA Ad Council Commercial

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Jan said...

Whatever their purpose behind this ad, they are telling us to "prepare".

That's good advice.

Things I'm preparing for:

-1) Collapse of the dollar
-2) Diesel/gasoline $50/$100 a gallon.
-3) No trucks anywhere delivering anything, including food.
-4) Huge mobs of starving people rioting and looting in the streets in every large city.
-5) DHS, FEMA, other federal agencies and UN troops using deadly force to put down these "illegal" activities.
-6) Obama suspending elections until further notice, which will be never.

Millions of unprepared and unproductive welfare leeches will perish, shot dead or starved to death, solving our massive entitlement problem. Those smart enough to have been prepared will survive.

A perfect Socialist solution.

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