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Are You Seeing Stars on Your State Driver’s License? Say Hello to REAL ID

Kaye Beach
Feb 14, 2012
Are you seeing stars?
If you live in Indiana, South Dakota, Delaware, Connecticut, Utah, Alabama, Ohio, Florida and West Virginia you will be.

A gold star on your state drivers license means that you have yourself a REAL ID card.
The Real ID Act of 2005 imposed federally mandated standards for state driver’s licenses.
Under REAL ID licenses are to be
•machine readable
•contain  biometric data (including facial biometrics)
This and other information is to be shared nationally and internationally.  REAL ID Facts
The federal government with a little help from their friends at the Secure Driver’s License Coalition are putting the squeeze on the states to comply with the federal REAL ID Act of 2005.  You know, that federal mandate to create an INTERnational ID that about half of the states told the federal government that would NOT comply with.

“Heavily criticized by concerned citizens, civil liberties groups, and state government agencies, the Real ID act is opposed by over 600 organizations including the National Governors Association.”  Ars Technica, 2007 More state governments defy congress and reject Real ID
List of states’ Real ID  “refusal to comply” legislation
According to the Secure Driver’s License Coalition “more than half of the states are close to joining the club that is authorized to place a gold star on its driver’s licenses and IDs.”

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