Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Southern California Covered In A Cloud Of Stink

When the rotten egg smell wafted into the Santa Clarita United Methodist Church in Saugus on Monday morning, Kathy Gray thought the church’s sewer pipe had burst.

More than 70 miles to the east, steelworker Chris Tatum’s nostrils got the punch in Riverside. He assumed a brush fire had just broken out.

“It reeks,” he said. “It smells like rotten mush.”

Southern California awoke Monday morning to a foul odor that wouldn’t go away.

Residents clogged 911 lines with calls, prompting health officials from Ventura County to Palm Springs to send investigators looking for everything from a toxic spill to a sewer plant leak.

The prime suspect, however, lay more than 100 miles away from Los Angeles. The leading theory is that the stink was caused by the annual die-off of fish in the Salton Sea. Officials believe Sunday evening’s thunderstorms and strong winds churned up the water and pushed that dead-fish smell to points west overnight.
BTW - On my sidebar I put up a thing called Important places, before this story it only had two places; The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and the Salton Sea.

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