Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sorry Oklahoma, You Can't Vote for Gary


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Earlier this month, I wrote an article announcing that Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson had made it on the ballot in Oklahoma under the America’s Elect ballot line.
Unfortunately, he will not be on the ballot as hoped.

An article published yesterday by Daily Oklahoman's Michael McNutt states that Gary Johnson will NOT be on the ballot in Oklahoma this November.

According to the article, Assistant Attorney General Neal Leader stated that the national organization of America’s Elect did not authorize anybody to be on the ballot as President nor did it file any paperwork in order to be recognized as a political party in the state of Oklahoma.

Due to this information coming from the America’s Elect organization, the office of the Attorney General has ordered the State Election Board to remove Gary Johnson from the ballot this November.

This is party politics at its finest. I myself am a Republican but I am getting sick and tired of the games the GOP is playing. It has done disturbing things within its own party such as the rules violations at the Oklahoma State Convention and with the supporters of Presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul, as seen at its National Convention. But it also has thwarted every effort by the people of Oklahoma to be given a third choice in this year’s Presidential election.
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