Saturday, September 22, 2012

22 Better Than 45?


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Almost makes me sad I upgraded, though just WHAT I upgraded to is classified information.
He is right about shotguns, though.

Anonymous said...

We're sick of guns.
And we're sick of pricks that use them.
And we more than sick of Bush- Tea Party and inbreds who can't think straight and need a bullet to even the score.
Famak is Connie Mack and Oliver North?
What do they have in common with Edward Meese and Karl Rove?
Jeb Bush?
Dick Cheney?
Condoleeza Rice?
We hear they 've got Syria- Ireland- France - Russia on their minds.
And about nine billion in " Monne" with " Playdota".

Bob said...

Anonymous said...

"We're sick of guns. And we're sick of pricks that use them."

Fine and dandy. Your choice.

You may be sick of guns, and the pricks that use them. No problem, you still have the right to make that choice.

But don't expect any help when they take the rest of your rights away.

And they will.

Additionally, don't expect any help when they come to take YOU away.

And they will.

And they'll be pricks with guns.

Real pricks. Nasty pricks. Government approved pricks with lots of guns. The kind of prick that will shoot you dead without a second thought, then go have a beer with his buddies, laughing about how you pleaded for your miserable life.

That's the enemy you should be worried about.

We're not your enemy.

We're not your problem.

We are not using our guns to impose our will on you.

The very existance of our guns helps to keep our liberties, yours included.

Any government, no matter how evil, will think twice before trying to enslave 250 million armed citizens.

Hilter, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao... All disarmed their citizens - and then slaughtered them by the millions.

Read history - real history - not propaganda.

Find out about the 7.5 million Jews - all law-abiding - that Hitler sent to gas chambers.

find out about the 25 million Russian preasants - all law-abiding - Stalin slaughtered to consolidate his power.

Read about the millions Pol Pot forced out of the cites, to starve and die in the countryside.

Then understand that people like Bernadene Dorhn and Bill Ayers - close friends and advisors of Obama's - decided that 25 million Americans will have to be killed so they can consolidate their power.

Don't look to us for trouble. It's not coming from us.

It's coming from the people you seem to admire.

texlahoma said...

Galt - Depends on how you look at it, I'd rather get shot with a 22 than a 45.

Anon - Bob will take care of my light work.

Bob - Thanks.

Bob said...

Anytime Pal...

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