Saturday, September 08, 2012

Medical marijuana could get a look in Oklahoma

The following was written by KOSU’s Michael Cross.

Marijuana, Cannabis, pot. Whatever you call it, it’s legal for medicinal use in 17 states and the District of Columbia. But, not in Oklahoma. Well, one lawmaker wants to at least study what would happen if Oklahoma made a move to approve medical marijuana…

Attorney Chad Moody’s office in downtown Oklahoma City stand out from most lawyers offices with images of the iconic marijuana leaf posted everywhere.

The self-proclaimed Drug Lawyer says he sees ten to 20 cases a week dealing with marijuana and has about 100 open files at any given time.

It’s safe to say Moody’s very passionate about legalizing medical marijuana.

“Well I’m tired of seeing people’s live destroyed over what should just be a simple freedom issue. I’m libertarian. I like laws that are just there to protect us from people who do harm, and there’s nothing harmful about marijuana.”

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