Saturday, September 08, 2012

Jennifer Granholm - The Great Gibson Guitar Raid - Unemployment - National Debt

Now here are three things they don't want you to think about.

In case you can't tell,2008, when Obama took office, is where the graph starts going  nearly straight up.

Chart - Deficit 2012 (Credit: CBS)
(CBS News) The National Debt has now increased more during President Obama's three years and two months in office than it did during 8 years of the George W. Bush presidency. The Debt rose $4.899 trillion during the two terms of the Bush presidency. It has now gone up $4.939 trillion since President Obama took office.
The latest posting from the Bureau of Public Debt at the Treasury Department shows the National Debt now stands at $15.566 trillion. It was $10.626 trillion on President Bush's last day in office, which coincided with President Obama's first day.
The National Debt also now exceeds 100% of the nation's Gross Domestic Product, the total value of goods and services.


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