Wednesday, April 04, 2012

North American Union will Attempt to Disarm the People of the United States

The international insurgent President Barack Obama hosted Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for talks on transnational trade and security Monday.  This is a blatant display of an international socialist cabal, intent on further destroying the sovereignty of our republic and our individual states.
Mexican President Calderon proudly stated that his socialist government had confiscated 140,000 firearms in Mexico and then tried to imply that every one of them was bought in a gun store in the United States.  He blamed the rash of violence in Mexico on the sunsetting of our unconstitutional assault weapons ban, suggesting new gun restrictions and confiscations in the United States as a necessity for Mexico’s security.

There was of course no mention of the fact that our southern border is being deliberately left wide open.  And of course no mention of the fact that US Attorney General Eric Holder, acting as representative for the insurgent Obama and in correlation with the Mexican government, has been running guns to Mexico and drugs back into the United States for years now.
This communist parley was immediately followed by the announcement that the FBI had arrived in Florida to begin investigating the death of Trayvon Martin.  It looks like what this whole thing is building into is an attempt at gun confiscation in the United States.
The US government has begun buying up millions of rounds of ammunition, in fact to the point that it has driven up prices and availability for we the people here at home.  What we are about to see is a coordinated attack on US nationality and our sovereignty.
Considering the duplicit acts the US government has been caught in in the past three years, using our own military to disarm us is not feasible.  In fact what is left of our military in this country is now being considered the enemy as our troops are themselves preparing to stop the socialist insurgency in the United States.
This transnational cabal that has been formed is in preparation for Mexican and Canadian troops to be brought into the United States to disarm the American people in the name of safety and, as psychotic as it sounds, justice for Trayvon Martin.
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