Monday, April 02, 2012

9/11 TV Fakery: Smoke & Mirrors (short version)


texlahoma said...

I don't see the plane between the buildings. Does anyone else?

Bob said...

Pretty typical cut-and-paste job.

But why?

Notice another thing: Timing.

Time how long it takes the plane to travel across the open space created in the video by the Empire State building and the right hand tower. Using that as a yardstick, it's easy to conclude that the plane took too long from the time it dissappeared behind the buildings to the time it impacted.

Waaaaay too long.

Like millions of other Americans, I watched live TV as the second plane flew into the tower. No faking that.

So again... Why the faked footage?

My guess is that someone just wanted to make it look nastier and more horrible than it already was.

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