Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now I have to Give up my Monster - Aspartame - Sucralose

When I started gathering this information, I was going to tell the people that didn't know, how bad aspartame is for your body. Without pretending that I know exactly how it works somehow it is just like drinking small amounts of methanol (the alcohol that can make you blind)headaches, dizziness and much much more. On top of that, it then turns into formaldehyde in your brain. Darn those pesky tumors.
All that is true, but since I don't use aspartame, I thought I would come out of this unscathed, not so.

I love Monster low carb and absolute zero. I learned too much, sucralose is in it and apparently, it is very bad for you too. Whah-ha-ha! I have to give up my Monster!

Aspartame Toxicity





billy pilgrim said...

i pick up lots of those monster cans in the park. the utes drink tons of alcohol then guzzle energy drinks to keep going.

in our day we let nature take its course. after drinking too much we'd pass out naturally. of course the pot would help with the sleep.

Mr. Shife said...

The wife recommended I give up the diet drinks a few years ago because she was worried about the aspartame. Now I just drink regular pop every now and then, and figure regular sugar is not as bad as the diet stuff. When I used to chew tobacco I was shocked at the absolute filth and garbage that is put into that product.


I had to give up my fruity waters because of that crap..gave me terrible headaches.

texlahoma said...

Billy - Way back in the day, we use to take white crosses (the real kind - amphetamine I think) and drink. If you balanced it right, you'd wind up remaining fairly sober, seems kind of pointless now.

Mr. Shife - I think your wife was right, you're better off with regular sugar.

YDG - Yeah, it's bad stuff, but the FDA says it's a-ok I think they got $$$$ to say that and stick with it.

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