Friday, July 11, 2014

Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died

(This is the most in depth look at the Sandy Hook Event that I have ever seen, if you prefer illusion over reality, you might want to skip this article. Tex)

By Jim Fetzer (with Paul Preston as interviewed by Sofia Smallstorm)

“I have a lot of sources in regards to as to what’s going on with the president and the administration and so on, and every one of my sources said it was a false flag”--Paul Preston

Remarkably, we now have confirmation from an unexpected source. Paul Preston had obtained information from officials in the U.S. Department of Education of the Barack Obama administration, who confirmed to him on the basis of their own personal knowledge that:
(1) it had been a drill;
(2) no children had been killed; and,
(3) it had been done to promote an anti-gun agenda.

Full article and several videos at 


Gdeck Bob said...

If it had not been for that video showing people streaming out of one door, going around the building and straight back into the building using another door, I'd toss all this as conspiracy BS.
Who were those people, who did they work for, and why did they all remain silent as to the fact it was all a "drill"?
There's also the videos showing no urgency in the personnel in the emergency vehicles that clogged the road, no rushing of victims to the hospital, etc.
So, the video evidence alone shows it to be a "drill". OK. But was it a "false flag" event generated by the government?
The fact that none of those dozens of people circulating in and out of the building have spoken out about it being a drill points out the fact they were a government shills, hired for the show, and ordered to remain quiet.
If they were all government employees, it is chilling to realize that they so willingly agreed to dupe the American public.
It would seem we need to not only clean house at the highest levels, but at all levels, down to the lowest.

Not gonna happen.

They've won, we've lost. We sat on our butts way too long, obsessing over sports and game, while these bastards took over everything: The government, the media, the schools, the colleges, the military. They convinced our women and children that white males are the true evil world destroyers, and brainwashed our women into believing that giving themselves to some half-savage minority was the far better choice than any white male.

The chance to stop all this is long gone.

texlahoma said...

Bob - I'm glad to see you coming around a little on the false flag thing. Here's the first video you referred to:

What is scary to me is the fact that the government will learn by its mistakes on false flag events, it will become harder and harder to spot them.

Most people know someone who's a liar and they figure out not to believe a word they say. But when the media lies over and over, they don't learn not to believe them, I don't get it.
My wife falls for it every time and even gets irritated when I'm skeptical. The recent murders in Texas as an example, I said
"I don't know about this one, she looks pretty good for someone who just got shot in the back of the head." Maybe it has to do with the media playing on emotions. Sandy hook had her all upset, she was kind of like "How dare you say it's fake? Think of those children's parent!" I guess I make it worse by saying "It worked on you to a certain level, it got you upset, but does it make you want to give up your right to have guns?"
"Well then it didn't fully work on you, you're too smart."
"But there are a lot of people out there just as emotional and gullible, that aren't as smart as you, that it did work on."

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